11 Free Tips to Grow Your Business!

It is very important to be as proactive as possible when trying to establish yourself, your company & your product(s), never stop trying to reach more people & companies even if turnover & profits increase.There will always be a quieter period which you will want to be as short as possible and the more doors you knock on the more eventually will let you in, build up your contacts to keep the work stream flowing as steady possible, if one avenue is slow then another route will keep you going & never rely on just one contact or contact.Some routes I would suggest to take would be as follows:* Send demo’s / testers of your product to any relevant magazine or newspaper editors or the journalist in charge of a particular section, if they like your product you will possibly get a mention in their column, free advertising could be priceless.* Place adverts in magazine’s relevant to your product, but be very inventive, that is a tough route to crack and to be noticed, price will of course dictate how much you can pursue that route.* Investigate to find any clubs that might be relevant to your product, most have in house magazines which are monthly publications, normally with a strong and dedicated readership, keep your name in with their members, they are the one’s that intend club shows on a regular basis and a loyal.

* Join clubs and perhaps offer to sponsor any shows they might have, make products for motorcycles? Join a motorcycle club! Also, look to join professional business clubs and go to as many meet ups as possible, handout as many business cards as you can.* Look to send free demo’s to high street shops, they might be interested in offering a trial period in store to see how the items sell and how much interested is gained. If one big name does approach you, don’t worry about the profit to much, what is more important is to the add the clients name to your portfolio so you can use it attract other companies of a similar size, once you get a big name attached to you it will be of great benefit, the next contract could then be worth a lot more in terms of finance.* Create a video and upload to YouTube etc, the idea is simple but you MUST be creative and think of an angle that is different, that’s the hard part!A great example is the video created by http://www.distinctivewash.co.uk/campaigns/, their video went viral and so far has had over 7 million hits! Creative for obvious reasons, but hey, it makes me want to buy washing powder from them!The product, service and advertising is outstanding & the whole package & approach is very well put together and one that a lot of smaller companies should look to as an example to follow.* Look at what your competitors are doing, look at how you can do the same things but BETTER!A new idea is very hard to think off in a competitive market… but you can look to improve an old idea, so look to see what others are already doing and try to think of ways to improve on it.*Get on as many forums as possible that are relevant to your product BUT first research your area as much as possible so you can then be as active as possible on the forums by offering free advice, get in a position where people come to you for advice!Become a master of your product and sector to get your own name established, it takes time to do this but keep with it. Don’t spam. EVER.* Make sure your website is as original as possible, really think the whole process through as much as possible before going live and online, think of as many different angles as possible, again, look at the competitors websites and improve on what they have done.*List discount offers on Twitter, Facebook etc every Friday to be used on your website, but for a 24 hour only period, that should help drive traffic and sales.

* Send free products to bloggers with BIG followings, again if they like your product they will blog about it and possibly send the information to people on their subscription, it will help them as much it could help you.These suggestions of are course if you have a physical products, if you are starting a website etc then of course the routes would be different to take but I’m sure we can cover that another day.Get used to getting ignored… a lot! Work on the basis that for every 20 emails that you send only one person might respond, but that’s fine, that one person is interested in what you have to say and offer, from there you can build a good relationship, think of things to help them and put those details in your initial email and make the process a two way relationship.Don’t feel angry or upset with the people who do not reply to you, they might not be interested now but in a years time that could change & time goes very quickly.Try to send emails every day, if you end up with 5 positive responses over the course of the month then your hard work would have started to pay off.You can see more from my blog here http://www.BuyFromGB.comThanks
Jamie Hill